The Shepherd Company specializes in connecting people with their valuable unclaimed assets. We are a private investigative company that researches unclaimed assets, identifies people who are or may become entitled to those assets and helps them recover those assets. These valuable unclaimed assets can be of many kinds including insurance benefits, bank accounts, estates, oil, gas and mineral royalties, real estate and cash.


Our expertise is used by public administrators, estate attorneys, oil and gas companies, and personal representatives as well as individuals to provide evidence in establishing legal connections to valuable unclaimed assets.  We are not involved with government “unclaimed property” programs, where individuals can make their own claim to abandoned property held for them by their state.

See www.missingmoney.com or www.unclaimed.org for more information.


For over 30 years, The Shepherd Company in Colorado has successfully connected heirs and beneficiaries to millions of dollars of unclaimed assets including oil and gas wells in New Mexico; mineral estates in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana; commercial and multi-family real estate properties; as well as ranches, vacant land, bank accounts, insurance benefits, antiques and, of course, cash.

We have been located in Boulder, Colorado since 1988; however, the work of The Shepherd Company is not limited to Colorado. We offer regional, national and international services utilizing our global network of correspondents to locate heirs and beneficiaries wherever they may be.

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Call toll free at 1-800-474-0601 to learn how our services can help recover assets to which you or your clients may be entitled.