The Shepherd Company – is a private investigative research company that serves to connect people with unclaimed assets to which they are or may be legally entitled.   We research unclaimed assets of many kinds — insurance benefits, bank accounts, estates, oil/gas and mineral royalties, real estate, etc.  We have been located in Boulder, Colorado since 1988, we have been continuously listed with the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau since 1992, and the company is currently a Gold Star Member. We provide private investigative services to public administrators, estate attorneys, oil and gas companies, and other entities and individuals who utilize our experience and skills in providing evidence to establish legal connections to unclaimed assets. The work of The Shepherd Company is not limited to Colorado, as we offer regional, national and international services utilizing our global correspondents to locate heirs and beneficiaries wherever they may be.

David Carrick is a Licensed Colorado Investigator – License #532

Please call us to learn how our services can be utilized at no cost to an
estate or an asset administrator.